Flying Further Course

The Flying Further/Faster course is a three to five day live in course with a combination of ground instruction and flying that will quickly advance your skills. It is designed around those who are already members of NGC but can equally cater for visitors who are suitably qualified. Pre payment of $1600 is required for this secondary option but contact with NGC is advised.

Each day will comprise a theory and discussion session based on the GPC syllabus followed by one or two flying sessions to practice the techniques presented, usually by short cross country flights of around 100km weather permitting.


Numbers are limited to allow a coach and glider to be assigned to each student on a rotating basis each day to encourage cross pollination between students and coaches..

We will tailor flying instruction and coaching to your individual skill level.

For NGC members, your flying account will be deducted in the normal manner. Non members must be pre paid and any balance will be credited to your NGC flying account or refunded.

Site accommodation in our caravan park or guest rooms is included in the course fee. Bookings are essential and subject to availability.

Catering is course specific and contact with NGC is recommended for confirmation. Alternatively, frozen packaged food is available for purchase on site or via supermarkets in Narrogin town. Refrigerators are available on site. Students can self-cater in our well-equipped club kitchen.

All students must be members of GFA and an affiliated Australian gliding club. Short term membership of Narrogin Gliding Club can be arranged if required. An additional fee will apply.

Please note that to comply with glider design rules, maximum individual seat load is 110kg.