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The very best and friendliest place to enjoy gliding in the south west of Western Australia.

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Narrogin Gliding Club

Welcome to Narrogin Gliding Club, the very best and friendliest place to enjoy gliding in the south west of Western Australia.

Located in rolling farmland in the heart of the Wheatbelt, Narrogin Gliding Club has a long history, a great location, well developed infrastructure and a good fleet. The Narrogin region produces big, reliable thermals in an interesting and varied but very safe soaring environment. A great place to fly!

We’re situated at Narrogin airfield, just 12km to the west of the town of Narrogin, which is within an easy day-trip drive from Perth, Bunbury or Albany via major highways and good bitumen roads.



Gliding is a challenging and enjoyable recreational activity and competitive air sport in which pilots fly unpowered aircraft known as gliders or sailplanes using naturally occurring currents of rising air in the atmosphere to remain airborne. The word soaring is also used for the sport.

Gliding as a sport began in the 1920s. Initially the objective was to increase the duration of flights but soon pilots attempted cross-country flights away from the place of launch. Improvements in aerodynamics and in the understanding of weather phenomena have allowed greater distances at higher average speeds.

Learn To Fly

 There is no doubt glider pilots share a passion which is embedded in the ability to work with nature in achieving engineless flight to some incredible distances and heights. That passion starts in the hands of an experienced and dedicated instructor, whose job it is to share knowledge and years of experience.

We offer residential formalised training courses at least twice per year. Flight instruction is also available on normal operating days and carried out by the duty instructor.

Next Course 30th September 2024


The pride of the fleet. Two 2 seat DG 505’s, primarily used for cross country and competition flights.    

The back bone of our training fleet. Two SZD 50-3’s better known as Puchacz or simply Puch. 

The first of our single seaters, the Astir CS77. A great all rounder, comfortable and quiet.    

A medium to high performance single seater is the Discus CS.  

Not one, but two Piper Pawnee PA 25/235 tow planes. Their history is as colourful as their exterior 

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Our members come from all walks of life which adds to the colour and character of who we are. The anticipation of talking to a new member about their life and life experiences is never trivial and serves to gain an appreciation of what attracts people to the sport and Narrogin Gliding Club.

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Anything from a social gathering to a State Championship 

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Tony Henderson is a wag and an all round nice guy, notwithstanding an accomplished professional pilot. He is a friend

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