Air Experience Flights

There are many reasons why people love to fly gliders. It is a natural form of flying, just the sound of wind in the background as you look at the view and chat with the pilot. It is surprising and wonderful to be able to stay up for so long just on the solar power from warm bubbles of rising air. It is exhilarating, circling in air currents like an eagle, seeing the landscape from above, and maybe taking control yourself for the first time.

It is a personal challenge that is a kick for anyone, young or old, looking for that special something!

Please note that to comply with glider design rules, maximum individual seat load is 110kg.

Air Experience Flight - $190.00

Flying in a glider is one of life's outstanding experiences. Many pilots consider that the silent flight of sailplanes is the purest form of flight. Arrange a flight at Narrogin any weekend and enjoy soaring like a bird, silently under the clouds with the farmland panorama spread out below. You will be invited to take the controls, under the supervision of a fully qualified Instructor.

Our air experience flight is 20-30 minutes of what we know will be an unforgettable experience. We offer a special discount to $175 each for groups of five or more. .

Air Experience Flight (Two Pack) - $245.00

This gives you two trial flights on the same day, for someone who wants more than just a taste. The same person must take both flights. You will obviously have more opportunity to learn how to control a glider in flight and it would be considered as part of the training towards a first solo flight.

Weekend Escape Package - $495.00

This gives you a concentrated burst of hands on gliding. It includes five instructional flights and full access to all our facilities including kitchen, accommodation (different options available), licensed bar etc.

After flying you will be welcomed as part of our normal social Saturday night when you can talk flying with other glider pilots for as long as you like.