Narrogin is an aerotow club. Aerotowing is by the club’s Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee, which has the rather iconic registration VH-TUG. Many have tried to purchase or appropriate this but, trust me, it won’t happen. It is the legacy of a previous tugmaster, Roger Vaile, who took a great deal of trouble to search it out and who would strike us down from his present position at the right hand of God if we were ever to let it go.

There is an extensive club-owned glider fleet of two seaters and single seaters available for hire.

The two seaters are:

  • Two Puchacz, which are Polish designed and manufactured and very popular with our members. They are mainly used for ab initio pilot training and air experience flights.
  • A DG 505, which everyone agrees was probably the best purchase we ever made. This is used by the club members for local and cross country mutual flights and for cross country coaching. The DG is also used for air experience flights when a Puchacz is not available.

The single seaters are:

  • Two Astir CS77’s. These are very comfortable, easy to fly, Standard Class gliders, good cross country performers and the first aircraft our trainees are converted into after going solo in a Puchacz.
  • A Discus CS. This is our high performance single seater and another Standard Class glider. Ideal for longer, faster, higher cross country flights and gliding competitions.

There are also many gliders in the private fleet, all of them the pride and joy of their owners. Types are the usual eclectic mix common to most gliding clubs. We also have a couple of ultralights that are owned by club members and hangared in a suitably quarantined corner of the T hangar area.

Have a look at the photo gallery, where the club gliders and some of the private fleet are featured.