Narrogin airfield has two runways orientated 18/36 and 10/28, intersecting at the NE corner.

Runway 10/28 was bitumen covered by the Local Government Authority a few years ago. The other runway is gravel. Thanks to the original RAAF engineers and LGA maintenance each runway is well drained, which allows year round operations.

The airfield and gliding club has a good electrical power supply but no mains water supply, so all the gliding club’s water comes from rain water collected on site. Water can be carted in if required, from the water pipeline that supplies water to Narrogin town and the hinterland towns from dams located in the Darling Scarp.

The airfield is home to a flying club as well as the gliding club. Light aircraft and ultralights are a growing operation. Because Narrogin town is home to the major regional hospital for the area, the flying doctor is also a regular visitor, at least once a weekend and often more.

Club gliders are stored in the original hangar constructed by the founding members all those years ago. Private gliders are stored in individual T hangars built by the owners. These are constructed in lines with the wings of adjacent gliders overlapping, which make them as cost effective and as space saving as possible.

Attached to the main hangar is a well fitted out workshop that is available to everyone for general maintenance, scheduled inspections or whatever. The workshop also includes a storage area for parachutes, batteries, oxygen gear and the other miscellaneous paraphernalia that seems to be a necessary part of any active gliding club.