The gliding club was established by a group of local farmers in 1964, when the airfield was more or less unused and perceptually a lot further out of town than it is now. Gliding was an auto-tow operation.

The founding members put in the major, basic infrastructure like the clubhouse and main hangar, which were both relocated from previous lives on local farms. They established the club and bought their first glider through a combination of hard graft and good old country can-do, using money from donated crop programs, cutting fence posts and similar activities. The club owes a lot to these early pioneers.

This airfield is one of many country airfields established by the RAAF up and down the WA hinterland during WW2, when the Japanese were bombing Darwin and Broome. The idea was to provide a series of air bases that could be operated from as the Japanese moved south, which in the end proved not to be necessary. Some of these bases were manned but most were not, including the one at Narrogin. However, they were all very well built. Narrogin airfield is one of two built for the Narrogin area, one to the east of the town, which is no longer useable, and the current airfield to the west.